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Structural Steel

Structural steel can be referred to as the skeleton of a building.

Design teams utilize structural steel to enhance the appeal of their design and use a sustainable material that will not jeopardize the integrity of the building. It is the most economical building framing material. Project costs are lowered as a result of reduced labor and equipment requirements, lower foundation costs and lower ongoing building maintenance expenses. It’s produced to precise tolerances in size and strength. This makes steel easier to design and use. Furthermore, since it’s at full strength as soon as it’s erected, project schedules are predictably shorter.

Stair Fabrication

Whether your project requires one small set of stairs or multi level stair towers, Kentex Metals is your source. We can fabricate anything from a ship-ladder stair to a multi-level industrial stair tower. If your project requires it, we can shop bolt stair assemblies after coating to reduce your erection cost.

As with all our fabrication, we can provide any coating system ranging from shop primer to a multi-coat paint system to hot-dipped galvanized furnished to your specifications.

Ornamental Iron

KenTex has created flowing cast iron ornamentation giving structures a feeling of opulence and artistic expression not seen in other high rise buildings. Today, KenTex strives to continue and maintain the high standards, safeguarding its legacy of integrity, craftsmanship and quality.

We continue to provide full service facilities maintenance, contracting, metals and glass services to our customers.